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various mp3s by Household Ink artists

Headless Household

Basemento (2010)






(double disc: "This, That..." and "...the Other")

Liquids for Visitors (Woodard) mp3

Why Joey Can't Read (Woodard) mp3

(At the) Mercy of the Wind (Woodard) mp3

I Never Wanted You (Woodard) mp3

Loneliness (Woodard) mp3

Basemento (Lackner) mp3

Mount Analog (for JZ) (Lackner) mp3

Ragout (Dunlap) mp3

Not Me (Woodard)  mp3

Unbroken Glass (Lackner/Household) mp3

Open-Heart Sandwich (all aboard) mp3


Blur Joan (2005)

Blur Joan (Lackner/Woodard) mp3

Then Was the Time (Woodard) mp3

Door of the 4/3 (Lackner/Woodard) mp3

babble (Woodard)  mp3

Sunday Go to Meetin' (Dream on Your Time) (Woodard) mp3

post-Polka (2003)

Days of the Week (Woodard)  mp3

A World Without Polka (Woodard) mp3 

 Moderate Moderation ( Woodard )mp3 

Of Waltzes (Woodard) mp3

Bolka (Lackner/Woodard) mp3


mockhausen (2000) 

  For What Ails You (Woodard) mp3

The Feeling of Give (Binney/Dunlap/Lackner/Symer/Woodard)mp3

Concretics (Dunlap/Lackner/Symer/Woodard) mp3

Wintry (Invention) (Woodard) mp3


Free Associations (1999)

Tiddly Wink (Woodard)  mp3

Requiem for a Vacant Lot (Woodard)  mp3

Green Swipe Pattern (Woodard)  mp3

Honey, I'm Home (Woodard)  mp3

ITEMS (1995)

Expectators (Binney/Dunlap/Lackner/Symer/Woodard) mp3

Dance Peace (Dunlap) mp3

(Open Letter to) Manfred Eicher mp3

Pig in a Polka mp3


Inside/Outside USA (1993) Album Art

Trouble in Whoville mp3

Denver Umlaut mp3

Wintering in Heaven mp3

Iíll Think About It (Lackner) mp3

The Breadwinnerís Procession mp3


Headless Household (1987) 

Rhythm Truck mp3

Rather by the Giver mp3

Off the Beat  mp3

Vertical Medleys, Vol. 1 (special, hard-to-listen-to "hyper-remix project") (2004)

Items mp3

post-Polka mp3


David Piltch  

Minister of the Interior (2008)



26 Letters; k.d. lang, vocal  mp3

  Wonder Why; Petra Haden, vocal  mp3

9.   Attenuate Yourself;

Bill Frisell, guitar and loops  mp3

Zen Horse Repair

Ghost Brain (2008)




Harmonica Virgins   mp3

Fresno   mp3

Duck Talk   mp3

Ghost Brain   mp3


Julie Christensen and Stone Cupid


Where the Fireworks Are (2007)

Where the Fireworks Are mp3

Meteor  mp3

Rapture Index  mp3

Something Pretty  mp3

Shelly Rudolph

Water in My Hand (2005)


Miles Away mp3    

Ripen Me mp3 

Amma mp3    



web only special: Everybody's Talkin' mp3

doin' jack (1998) doin' jack cover.JPG (42793 bytes)

Pearl Diving mp3

Luring Him OM mp3

Prince Charming mp3

End mp3

Are Our Oars Out (1996)   

Her Own Nightmare mp3

Maybe It's Time mp3

Strong Medicine mp3

Big Plans mp3

Public Nudism (1993) Public Nudism cover (CD).jpg (91336 bytes) 

Butterfly Kiss mp3

Obsessed with Happiness mp3

Feardom mp3



Nate Birkey Quintet


Indelibly You (1998)

Soft as an Easy Chair (Woodard) mp3

On to Guadalupe (Birkey) mp3

She Walks In (Birkey/Woodard) mp3

The Mennonite(2001)

Delirio (Birkey)mp3

Penelope (Birkey) mp3

ballads (2001)

Nature Boy mp3

Dreaming of Memphis (Birkey) mp3

Hi, Lili, Hi Lo mp3


shortest day (2004)

Tennessee Waltz mp3

Indelibly You (Birkey/Woodard) mp3



almost home (2008)

Almost Home mp3

Falling  mp3

I'm Falling in Love Again  mp3




       christmas (2008)






flapping, Flapping

Montgomery Street (1996) Album Art

Doubly Doubting Thomas mp3

The Frogs Are Alive mp3

Eye Wanna Be Likes Lye mp3

Tex (1995) Album Art

Shut Out the World mp3

Rose Danish Queen mp3

Happy as a Clam mp3

Lean-To, Malarchitecture (1998)

Lincoln Logs mp3

 The Luxury of Time mp3

Goleta Factor mp3

The Kindness of Strangers mp3


joe woodard

between (2002)

Between mp3

Anthony Robbins mp3

Drinking in Earnest mp3

The Having Known mp3

The Seven-Year Itch mp3




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